Tuesday, September 4, 2007

STAR TREK (2008)


Set before "The Original Series" Kirk and Spock are newly graduated Cadets fresh from Starfleet Academy and are sent on their first space mission.

I'm sorry but a lot of the information on the new Star Trek movie is still sketchy but this is what I
found out.

J.J. Abrams and his creative team for the new Star Trek movie wowed the audience at Comic-Con in San Diego as they revealed a casting coup: Heroes star Zachary Quinto will be playing Spock! And, to the delight of all 6,500 in the capacity crowd, Leonard Nimoy joined Quinto on stage as Abrams confirmed the elder Spock's involvement in the new film. We've been waiting for over a year now since the next Star Trek movie was originally announced, but there hasn't been any real hard news other than who is writing and directing.No news about William Shatner being in the movie.


Calista said...

Hey, Steven!
Although I like your posts, I admit I lose (star)track:)

Anyway u do good!

Edit Suite 8 said...

Hey what's up bro. Just passing through. Good post on Star Trek. Thanks.

NeoAuteur said...

As an avid Star Trek's fan, this is a nice surprise. I look forward to seeing the movie.

Paper Fan Club said...

Hey Steven, I like your site updates. Also, I'm sure JJ will do a great job at Star Trek's helm. Should be a fresh perspective and help bring in a whole new audience.

Ash said...

Though I'm not really a Star Trek fan (did like Wrath of Khan and First Contact though) I'm intrigued by this due to JJ's involvement and Zachary Quinto playing Spock, man that guy was superb as Sylar in Heroes!

Good post.


Rick's Time On Earth said...

OK I admit it..I'm a Star Trek geek and love Lost. I can't wait to see what the producer of Lost does with Trek!!!!