Sunday, July 22, 2007




If the sun dies, so do we.Dark days are coming.


The Sun is being destroyed from inside out by a type of highly stable form of matter that renders nuclear fusion impossible, by turning common matter on its own kind. The only hope is to send a team of astronauts to detonate a massive, highly energetic bomb, able to destroy this strange matter and restore Sun's natural state.

Here are some reviews I found on the net:

"Sci-fi spectacle meets intimate drama. Murphy leads a strong ensemble cast as Boyle nails yet another genre."

"Trainspotting director Boyle brilliantly mixes eye-popping effects and edge-of-your-seat action to make this sci-fi scorcher the hottest ticket around. Blinding entertainment."

"Sunshine takes its intelligent and honourable place in the history of grownup science fiction on the screen and on the page. Superbly photographed by Alwin Kuchler and designed by Mark Tildesley, Sunshine is a thrilling and sensual spectacle."

"Sunshine is sci-fi for the rave generation. It's about alienation, not aliens, and while the crew of the Icarus II is on a mission to reignite the sun, the film's focus is the trip, not the destination. The sense of claustrophobia is heightened by the soundtrack, and the exquisite cinematography by Alwin K├╝chler is never less than gorgeous."

""Anyone afraid of the dark?" When it comes to suspense cinema, the instinctive answer should be 'yes', if the filmmakers have been doing their jobs right. Bur the realest violence a director can inflict on his audience is to flood the cinema with white."

"By eliminating the disaster-movie convention of giving doomsday an on-screen audience, Sunshine removes the sickly screen-traversing sense of camaraderie in the face of catastrophe that - along with the spectacles of cities being destroyed - forms a part of those films' appeal. Yet Boyle's overturning of genre is no mere nose-thumbing idiosyncracy: Sunshine's exclusion of the summer blockbusters' surrogate audience intensifies its grip on its actual audience."


dan said...

i saw this in the cinema, visually its amazing, and the story was grate too!...until it turned into a rave towards the end. but it left you quite satisfied.

dan said...