Monday, July 16, 2007


Film is dead!!!!
well actually it is being replaced by the new HDTV arriflex cameras,As you can see the style is somewhat the same as a film camera but without the film reels!!!.I never thought this day would come where I would actually see film slowly disappear.


Over the last century cinematographers, innovators and equipment manufacturers have created a set of sophisticated tools for visual storytelling. At the heart of these tools is a 35 mm film camera with certain characteristics, including the size of the aperture, a large variety of lenses, a bright optical viewfinder, the ability to run at variable speeds, simple to use controls, robust and ergonomic construction and an extensive array of specialized accessories. Video cameras, on the other hand, have been based on the 2/3“ chip standard and have been designed for Electronic News Gathering, making them less than ideal for narrative film making.

The ARRI Group, a world wide supplier of the highest quality motion picture film equipment since 1917, has introduced a camera concept combining the handling, functionality and creative options of film cameras with the immediacy of digital cameras.


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Check out this digital camera system. It is a beast!